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How not to pay for trips with «Taxovichkof»

Join the "Friends Club" and invite your friends. They will thank you because they will get a discount on the best1 St. Petersburg's taxi. And you - get % of all their trips to pay for your own trips.

1 — according to data from the St. Petersburg Center for Quality Control

Joining the "Friends Club" is very easy
1. Install the «Taxovichkof» application.
Operating system iOSAndroid
2. Select
"Friends Club" from the menu
3. Press the "Share" button and send the number to your friends
For each friend's trip your personal account will be credited with taffics at a rate of 1% of the cost of these trips.
Friends who activate your club number receive 100 bonuses if they haven't used «Taxovichkof» services for more than 3 months.
1 bonus = 1 rouble

Your friends' travel rewards are automatically credited to your club number and are displayed in the "Club number" tab. It shows how many people use your club number and the number of bonuses received from each.

Bonuses can be used for full or partial payment of the trip, with cash and non-cash payment.

In 1 day you can get up to 1000 bonuses.

Detailed terms and conditions
How to activate your club numbe
1. In the "Friends Club" section, select the "Bind" tab.
2. Enter the club number you received from a friend into the field, click on "Bind"

For the first activation (binding) of the club number you will be credited with 100 bonuses (if you have not used the services of «Taxovichkof» more than 3 months). No credits will be paid for the activation of subsequent club numbers.