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Our benefits:

In Saint-Petersburg there are more than 10 000 taxi companies, featureless sinking in the traffic flow and not every of them may boast of qualified staff, new cars, wide range of service or at least reasonable prices. How to define, who is who? How not to be mistaken when choosing a taxi? And why is «TaxovichkoF» exactly what you need? You will realize everything by yourselves when getting to know our list of benefits!

Discounts and actions

Taking part in action programmes , you can use «TaxovichkoF» service with solid discounts – you can’t find such low prices in Saint-Petersburg anywhere!

Convenient ways of payment

You may pay for «TaxovichkoF» services in different ways. Cash is given to the driver when meeting, however you can make a quick on-line payment, without leaving your computer.

Different ways of ordering

The mobile phone has discharged or you have not got any money on its account? You have got a sore throat and it is noisy outside or probably somebody is sleeping somewhere near? We have worked out a system due to which one can adjust an order straight on the website!

Great car fleet

«TaxovichkoF» provides a unique opportunity to select a car for a specific occasion – we offer five car types: «Economy», «Comfort», «Business», «VIP» and «Multi-purpose vehicle».

Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi in a taxi is simple! «TaxovichkoF» cars equipped with a wireless access to the network, allow you to move around the city without stopping web surfing, work with documents and chatting with friends.

Taxi arrival in 5 minutes

«TaxovichkoF» is hundreds of professional drivers and new foreign cars which are in the city day and night. Our cars are always somewhere near, that is why the taxi arrival time is from 5 minutes

Experienced drivers

Taxovichkof drivers are experienced and responsible. Each of them has got an impressive driving experience, ideal knowledge of traffic rules and streets of St-Petersburg and also always polite and courteous.

There is no smoking in our cars!