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Ways of payment

Payment in cash

The most familiar way of paying for a taxi is the cash transfer to the driver after the trip. Payment in cash is possible when adjusting an order in any suitable way: by the phone through an operator, on-line form on the website, SMS and in other ways. If a driver has not got the change, he will change the money on his own.

Payment by card in the mobile application

To pay for the trip on the map select this payment method on the relevant page of the mobile application.

Payment by card in a taxi

You have not got cash and the nearest ATM is rather far away? You may pay for a taxi trip by a bank card directly in a car! There is a small bank terminal for plastic cards acceptance in every «TaxovichkoF» car, which allows passengers to do without banknotes.

On-line payment

On-line payment on «TaxovichkoF» website allows to make calculations through «ROBOKASSA» payment system. Payment terminals, e-money, bank card, mobile operator, interior communication box offices – here there are a great number of remote payment methods available – choose the most appropriate.

«TaxovichkoF» personal account

Sign up on «TaxovichkoF» website and get the access to the client’s personal area, with its help you may pay for taxi services, replenishing your personal account in advance. Account replenishment is through «ROBOKASSA» on-line payment system or bank terminals PSKB, situated in different parts of the city.