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Ways of calling a taxi

On-line order on the website

Using a handy calculator on our website, you can manually calculate the cost of taxi order and place an order – it is not necessary to contact an operator by phone. Just set the address and time of arrival, select additional options and click «Order».

Mobile Application

If you have not got the opportunity to install «TaxovichkoF» mobile application on your mobile phone, the order can be adjusted by using one SMS, indicating two addresses – embarkation and disembarkation of a passenger. The cost of such message corresponds with the usual cost of SMS – without extra charge.

Phone call

A phone call is the easiest way of calling a taxi when you need to discuss many details of the trip. «TaxovichkoF» operators are happy to answer all your questions and receive an order at any time of day and night - we work 24 hours a day!

Call us on the phone 330-00-02 or request a back call!