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About the "Taxovichkof" taxi

"Taxovichkof" is the taxi as it should be. We have our own car park and professional drivers. We care about comfort and safety of our passengers.

"Taxovichkof" is a real taxi.

  • We impose higher standards on drivers
  • We have our own car park with daily inspections
  • Our drivers have medical checkups before each shift
  • We insure the life and the health of the passengers
  • We control the driving accuracy


  • Only comfortable and clean cars are on the line
  • We always provide a child seat for free
  • Free waiting up to 30 minutes
  • We accept orders by phone, through the application and on the site


  • Phone charge in every car
  • We control the quality of our service 24 hours a day
  • We return the forgotten belongings
  • We transport pets
  • We remember about many other nice little things