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Service Designated Driver

The service Designated Driver can be useful in a variety of situations. The reason to order it may be a couple of glasses of wine, not having slept enough, medication or feeling sick, as well as just a wish to relax during a trip in the backseat of your own car.

Service Designated Driver

Your comfort and convenience in any situation

It happens that the party is finishing too late, the degree of absorbed alcohol is getting higher and, in spite of this, in the parking lot, your favorite car has been waiting humbly, no longer hoping to be home within the next 24 hours. Is it OK to stay overnight at the friends place, in someone else's apartment, without your warm terry slippers? Should you call a taxi, and the next day go back to pick up the car? Or risk your own live and sit behind the wheel, rushing to meet traffic police? Designated Driver service is the alternative that our taxi offers you.

Forget about the risks! We will take care of the tired car owner. Call TaxovichkoF by phone, specify the address and the desired time of departure. In case you need the driver as soon as possible, our employee will arrive within half an hour.

Designated Driver will drive you in your own car:

  • 5 years of driving experience
  • Excellent knowledge of traffic regulations
  • Patience and courtesy
  • Caring for someone else's car
  • Fast arrival of the driver and the lowest price in the city

Cost of the Designated Driver service

Use our online calculator on the main page to find out the price of the Designated Driver service in St. Petersburg for a specific address, or call the operators, they will tell you the exact fare.

Designated Driver can be called not only on weekends and holidays. Orders are accepted daily and around the clock.

Not only within the city

Designated driver can be called even in the suburbs, as the experienced drivers of TaxovichkoF work all over St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. Orders for transportation in Russia are negotiated three days in advance.

Trust us with your trip and travel with pleasure!
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