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Intercity taxi

If you are planning a trip to another city, but prefer a higher level of comfort, or all the tickets for the next train have been sold out already – book an intercity taxi with TaxovichkoF.

Door to door

Taxi is one of the most convenient types of transport, not only within the city, but also beyond it. If one travels long distances, he or she won't have to change different transport types. Order an intercity taxi in St. Petersburg and enjoy the whole trip in a comfortable car that will pick you up right in front of your house and drive directly to your destination.

In the right place at the right time

Why would you adjust to someone's schedule, if you can create your own? Unlike trains, busses or airplanes, a taxi will come exactly when you need it! The driver will wait for you as long as needed, even if you are late, and will set off as soon as the you are ready to leave.

Everything is with you!

In an intercity taxi you do not have to hold bags on your knees, lift the cart on the descent from the escalator and push other passengers with your suitcases. The driver will gently load things into the boot of the car, so that they will not disturb anyone during the journey. On request it is possible to place extra baggage in the cabin or order a car with an enlarged body type "hatchback".

Intercity taxi – pleasure and economy

Excellent service

TaxovichkoF always has a variety of cars for every taste and wallet. Moreover, we offer a lot of additional services that will make your trip enjoyable and pleasant. You can listen to your favorite radio station, read the current press and use the high-speed Internet for free!

Affordable price

Despite the fact that the fleet of TaxovichkoF consists only of new foreign cars, each car of the company has elements of VIP-class. Long-distance trips remain affordable, their price is comparable to the cost of a train ticket, and when ordering a minivan for a company of several people it is even more profitable! "Economy", "Comfort", "Business" – choose a long-distance taxi for a particular situation or use the current special offer.
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