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Organization of employees’ transfer

Even for a big and serious company which is in need for transport services, but does not specialize in them, keeping its own fleet may be too expensive. Cars’ purchase, maintenance of their technical condition, taxes, paperwork, hiring new employees and other problems that come with the advent of the transport service, require a lot of resources, taking the time intended for the development of the core activities of the company.

Organization of employees’ transfer
Let everyone engaged in his/her own business: competent distribution of tasks is the key to success and prosperity of any business. "Taxovichkof" will arrange quick movement around the city and outside it for your employees.


  • Delivery to the workplace
  • Business trips around the city
  • Meeting at the airport and railway station
  • Express delivery of small packages
  • Personal transport for managers and etc.


Our cars pass daily inspection, and always look great. In “Taxovichkof” you can rent cars of different marks and models, choosing the most appropriate solutions to the current problems of the company - from the "Standard class" to the executive cars.
  • Cars
  • MPVs
  • Minibuses

Each vehicle is supplied with a professional driver!

Going up the hill!

Applying to "Taxovichkof" for organizing employees’ transfer, you will receive:
  • Increase of employee’s loyalty
  • Improving their efficiency
  • Reducing the number of delays
  • Strengthening the team spirit
  • Maintaining a high status of the company

The detailed information about this offer is provided by an operator on the phone. We work 24 hours a day on weekends and weekdays.
We work around the clock.
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