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Taxi around the city

A passenger car is the fastest and most convenient means of transportation. However, driving is not always as pleasant as a carefree trip in a passenger seat, not to mention how many financial expenses are required by personal transport.

A city taxi at a reasonable price is an excellent alternative to your own car. You can enjoy all the benefits of personal transport, and you do not need to spend time and money on things like:

  • Buying a car

  • Getting driving license

  • Payment for parking

  • Fuel Costs

  • Transport taxes

  • Maintenance

The price of calling a city taxi in St. Petersburg is not so high, and financial investments in your own car for making relatively rare and short trips can easily not be justified. In addition, we are all well aware of stories about how the desire of the car owner to make the most revenue of an expensive purchase leads to the fact that the car becomes for him a real burden. "If one has a car, then certainly he or she must use it," – they think. And it does not matter that every morning the roads are full of traffic jams, they drive to work even in spite of the fact that the place of work is near the exit from the underground – after all, so much money has been spent! The opposite situation is when a car turns into furniture and stays in the garage for months, surrounded by rusty nails, one is still paying for the garage.

Other reasons for calling a city taxi:

  • Severe weather

  • Time limit

  • Heavy or non-standard luggage

  • Inconvenient timetable of public transport

And also it is much easier to call a taxi when there is a need to maintain a high status by means of an expensive car, the purchase of which at the moment is not reasonable; when one is coming back home being drunk a little or just tired, and in many other situations. Calling a city taxi solves a lot of problems arising in business and everyday life!

Just call "TaxovichkoF" on the phone: our polite operator will advise you on any services and features of the company, recommend the most advantageous option, quickly calculate the cost, and in 5-7 minutes the driver will arrive at your address. "TaxovichkoF" cars are located everywhere around St. Petersburg and are ready for your order 24 hours a day on weekdays, weekends and holidays!

We offer:

  • Urgent delivery of a taxi in 5 minutes

  • Reasonable prices for a taxi around the city

  • New cars of different makes and models

  • High quality of service and additional services

  • Also discounts and bonus programs for regular customers

Call us! Order a taxi around the city round the clock from anywhere!

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