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Taxi with a child safety seat

Polyclinic, school, museum or shop - moving around the city with children can be difficult, especially if they are still very little. The child can be impatient or need constant care, so that you have to feed, play with him or her, or change a diaper.

Even if a mother has a car and she is an experienced driver, it can be quite difficult for her to drive safely, giving all the necessary attention to the child. Therefore, in many cases the best solution is to take a taxi.

Taxi with a child safety seat

Safety first

The child is much more vulnerable than his or her parents. Usual seatbelts built into the car seat are designed for adult passengers and are completely inappropriate for protecting children who have not yet reached the age of 12. In this case, according to the rules prescribed by the traffic police, it is necessary to use special restraints.

If you are going to travel with the child, indicate this in the application when making an order, and we will send you a specialized taxi with a child safety seat, booster or cradle!

Depending on the needs of the customer, a baby taxi can be equipped with one or more additional seats for different age categories.

Cradles and child safety seats

The main objective of a taxi with child safety seats is to minimize the children's injuries, which threatens to impair the functions of the musculoskeletal system and damage internal organs. A really reliable taxi for children should be equipped with a special detachable design that keeps the child's head and body in a certain position, ensuring maximum safety for his or her life and health while driving. It takes into account a huge number of factors (from the ratio of body weight and head to the power of possible shocks caused by braking while turning and in case of an accident), so that the child can always stay with you and under reliable protection.

When ordering a taxi with a child safety seat, it is important to remember that different types of restraint devices are designed for different ages and weight categories of children.

Group 0+weight up to 13 kg, 6-12 months old
Group I
weight 9-18 kg, 9 months - 4 years old
Group IIweight 15-25 kg, 3-6 years old
Group IIIweight 22-36 kg, 6-12 years old


For older children, instead of a child safety seat, you can use a booster. It is a small pillow that lifts the child on the seat to the level of standard seat belts. The use of such a device is possible only for children with a stronger skeleton, theier weight can vary from 22 to 36 kg. Booster is a less reliable alternative to Group III child safety seats and is not suitable for babies whose protection does not only require a backrest of a special shape, but also side retainers.

The first booster is provided to passengers FREE OF CHARGE. Additional retention devices are FREE OF CHARGE.

Order a taxi with a child safety seat

If you order a taxi, remember that each child safety seat occupies one seat in the car, therefore, when transporting three or more little passengers we recommend to order a minivan.

TaxovichkoF offers parents the newest taxi with child safety seats in St. Petersburg – we are keeping pace with the times! Our cars are equipped with modern equipment and meet all the requirements for child safety. Travel together with the whole family with TaxovichkoF!
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