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Towing of the car

We take care of our passengers and therefore we try to form an optimal set of services to meet the client's needs, not only inside the taxi, but also beyond it. One of the offers for car owners we have is car towing.

Towing of the car

Call the tow truck urgently: 404-00-00

Calculate the cost of the tow truck service

Towing of cars in St. Petersburg

The team of the "GruzovichkoF" company will arrive within 45 minutes after the call to the operator and carefully deliver your car friend to the repair shop or to the parking lot. We not only carry out the professional towing of cars in St. Petersburg, but also provide various additional services.

  • Have you got into an accident?
  • Are you facing some technical difficulites?
  • Have you lost your keys?

We will deliver not only your car, but also you!

"GruzovichkoF" towing service

Transportation of cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes, and various special equipment is carried out by means of appropriate machines.

More services:

  • Extraction from the ditch
  • Move overturned сar иack on its wheels
  • Elimination of obstacles
  • Partial dismantling of the car
  • Loading operations of any complexity
  • Towing by partial loading
  • Towing on a rigid or flexible hitch
  • Transportation on the platform of the tow truck
  • Transportation of accompanying people etc.

How to order a tow truck?

To order towing sevice, inform the operator about the following:

  • Make and model of car
  • Location and address of unloading
  • Conditions (garage, ditch, narrow street)
  • Preferred method of payment
  • Name and contact phone number

Wherever you are, we will promptly help to solve all the problems that accompany the need for towing of the car.
We work around the clock.
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