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— Signing the contract in 30 minutes
— Payment of invoices by fact
— Reports on required parameters
— Fixing a discount for the whole term of the contract
Corporate Department
Priority arrival
Priority arrival
Phone charge
Phone charge
Contract application

Staff transportation
Group transportations
Courier delivery
Personal driver

"Taxovichkof" corporate taxi

— is when you are sure that employees are always on time, guests are provided with a decent meeting, and clients will not get lost on their way to you

Priority arrival

The time of car delivery from 5 minutes!

Pay as you go

Use taxi services now, pay later

Protecting your business account

Maximum safety from third party use

Phone charge

To be always in touch

Easy document management
  • Signing the contract in 30 minutes
  • Reports on required parameters
  • Closure documents including your company's taxation
  • Detailed account statement

Becoming a corporate client is easy

Leave the application online
Leave the application online

or call 330-00-08

Sign the contract
Sign the contract

Contract registration will take no more than 30 min

You can order a taxi on the day the contract is signed
You can order a taxi on the day the contract is signed

Thousands of companies trust us

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About our company
Strong brand

Long-term strategy and large-scale advertising

Experienced team

Qualified specialists and a large partner base

Leading technology

Latest software and technical equipment

Millions of clients

Largest dispatch service in Saint-Petersburg

Over 8000

5 years
on the market

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