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Car transportation in St. Petersburg

We all know that sometimes it happens that circumstances do not allow us to get behind the wheel of our car. And not always because we had a drink or two. Not feeling well, losing your drivers license or simply not being in the mood to drive can be reasons for ordering a car transportation in St. Petersburg.

Car transportation in St. Petersburg

Reasons to use the services of TaxovichkoF:

Alcoholic intoxicationEven if you have drank very little, do not take risks and endanger yourself and others.
Call the driver and get home safe with him.
Feeling UnwellIf you feel unwell or have to take medication, after which driving is not recommended, you can also call a driver who will help you get home with comfort in your own car.
Buying a car without having driver's licenseIf you have not received your driving license yet, but your car is already bought and needs to be taken from the store? TaxovichkoF will help in this case.
Transportation of the car from another cityHave you purchased a car in another city and do not want to waste your own time on its transportation? Our experienced driver will manage it.

Any of these cases is a reason to call TaxovichkoF. Having ordered our service for car hauling, you can be sure about the safety of your car, your nerves and safety of the people on the way.

Our advantages:

  • Transfer is carried out only by experienced employees:
  • Our drivers are polite, tidy and know the traffic regulations perfectly
  • You can order the service around the clock, 7 days a week
  • Low cost, regardless of car manufacturer

Another benefit of our service is the opportunity to order car transportation in the Leningrad region. Wherever you are, our driver will find you and get you and your car to the right place.

Price of the service

We highly appreciate your comfort and safety, however, the price of transporting a car with one of our drivers of the TaxovichkoF company will be quite low and affordable for every car owner. For an exact calculation of the cost, contact us!
We work around the clock.
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