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Meeting at the station

Immediately after getting off the train, get in the car and get home quickly– what can be more pleasant? Especially since with TaxovichkoF it is also affordable and comfortable. Or the reverse situation when you need to get to the station quickly with all the heavy luggage? Order a car in any convenient way: on the website or by phone.

Collecting from the railway station

Order a taxi to the station

Going on a long journey, some choose an airplane and transparent kilometers above the Earth's surface, while others prefer a train: the clatter of wheels and the forest outside the window. Wrapped in a warm blanket, everything can be forgotten in the coach. However, there is something to think about in advance. Once you will need to leave the train and all its comfort will end on the platform, and heavy suitcases will have to be dragged along, in the hustle and bustle, searching for an exit from the station and suitable transport to get home or to the hotel.

You can take the underground or go by bus, being squeezed in a crowd and dropping packets. Or you can take the car directly on the spot, laying out a tidy sum for quite an ordinary service. But it is far better to order a taxi from the station in advance, which will be a lot cheaper, especially considering the pleasure you will get from the trip.

Taxi fare to the station

Before you arrive in the city, call TaxovichkoF by phone, order a callback through the website or fill out the online payment form. Orders are accepted from any Russian city, and payment is made in a convenient way for you: cash or electronic money, a bank card, through a cellular operator. The taxi fare to the station can be calculated on the website. Our driver will arrive at the specified time, wait for the arrival of the train, meet you or your guests at the station with a sign and help carry the luggage. In case the client has too many things, it is allowed to partially place them in the cabin. Pets should be transported in special carry cases.

Extend your vacation!

The overall impression of the trip depends a lot on its beginning and completion. When ordering a taxi after you arrive in the city, you extend your vacation a little, giving yourself the opportunity to relax and not to tune yourself to the rapid rhythm of the city ahead of time. And having called a taxi to the station, you can better concentrate on the main things before the trip, so as not to lose or forget anything in a hurry.

Taxi to the station

We offer not only a meeting on the platform, but also seeing off for the railway stations: Moscovsky, Baltiysky, Vitebskiy, Finlandsky, Ladozhsky, as well as bus, sea and river stations!

  • Taxi of any class of comfort - from VIP to economy
  • Excellent knowledge of the city, railway stations and their entrances
  • Opportunity to rent a minivan for groups of passengers
  • Always affordable prices for a taxi to and from the railway station
  • Additional services: child safety seats, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Opportunity to order a taxi in advance as well as immediately
  • 24/7 service and taxi order around the city and the region

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