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Transportation of skis and snowboards

In the winter season, when snow falls, the fans of outdoor activities often face the problem of transporting their sports equipment. When traveling in a minivan with us, you can order safe transportation of skis and snowboards in the car, without being afraid that the capacity of the cabin might not be enough, since the luggage is placed along the seats. The service is only available for the following car classes: minivan 6 seats, minivan 8 seats and minivan VIP. Only clean and dry skis and snowboards or in waterproof cases an be transportated.

Transportation of skis and snowboards

Transportation of skis and snowboards in the cabin of a taxi

The company TaxovichkoF presents an additional option – transportation of skis and snowboards in a taxi with an increased number of seats.

Comfortable conditions

  • Safety of equipment. Skis and snowboards are placed along the seats, not in the upper trunk, where they could be damaged during the trip
  • Capacity of the car. You can transport as many pairs of skis or snowboards as many people go on a trip, there is enough place for everybody in our taxi
  • Driver's assistance during loading and unloading. We will not only drive the passengers and their luggage, but we will also help them to place all things neatly in the car

Equipment transportation features

There are some requirements for transportation of skis and snowboards in the taxi cab, which you should know in advance.

What is important to remember?

  • Equipment is taken only dry and clean, so in TaxovichkoF cars you can go without risking to make your clothes dirty.
  • If you doubt that your sports accessories are clean enough, you can also transport skis and snowboards in covers
  • Skis without a cover are recommended to be fastened together in advance, so that they do not scatter over the cabin during the trip

Prices for transportation of skis and snowboards

The cost of transportation of skis and snowboards in TaxovichkoF is fixed: regardless of the number of passengers and sets of equipment, it is 200 rubles, which are added to the cost of the trip itself. This means that you can take up to six snowboards or pairs of skis in a minivan for the six available places, and up to eight places in a minivan for eight seats. In both cases, however, the price remains the same.

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